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Photo Gallery - 2014

I've broken up the Instant Gallery photos into different pages for each year for easier searching and faster page loading. 

For links to other years see below. 

If you want to find your pictures, hit CTL-F and type your last name.  It should take you to all your previous work!  Happy Surfing! 

11/12/14 - Rack of Ornaments by Bob Bernardi

10/8/14 - Bullet Cartridge Pens by Pat Cummings

10/8/14 - Apple Burl Bowl by Bob Bernardi

10/8/14 - Walnut Bowl by Bob Bernadi

10/8/14 - Butternut Bowl by Bob Bernardi

10/8/14 - Ash Friction Fit Box by Bob Bernardi

10/8/14 - Red Oak Natural Edge Bowl by Don Orr

10/8/14 - Left-handed Mushroom Tool by Don Orr

10/8/14 - Finishing his Bass Inlay Pen - Pat Cummings

9/10/14 - Small African Blackwood box by Bob Bernardi

9/10/14 - A honey locust mushroom by Don Orr

9/10/14 - Elm Letter Openers by Don Orr

9/10/14 - Beech and Flaming Box Elder Top by Mike Kross

9/10/14 - Inlay Pen Kit demonstration by Pat Cummings

9/10/14 - Ambrosia Maple Bowl by Kevin Barb

9/10/14 - Shave pony demonstration by Don Orr

8/13/14 - Ornate box by Dave Nilson

8/13/14 - Pine Burl Bowl by Dave Nilson

8/13/14 - Maple Cup in progress by Pat Cummings

8/13/14 - Hickory Bowl by Bob Bernardi

7/9/14 - Didn't have my camera! Need some help here guys...

6/11/14 - Cups and Minoan Wave Pieces by Bob Bernardi

6/11/14 - Child's ball & cup game by Bob Bernardi

6/11/14 - Spalted Vase by Mike Kross

5/14/14 - Walnut bowls by Bob Bernardi

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