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Photo Gallery - 2015

I've broken up the Instant Gallery photos into different pages for each year for easier searching and faster page loading. 

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12/9/15: Spalted Maple Bowl by Lou Carusone, finished with Shellawax

12/9/15: Christmas ornaments by Lou Carusone

12/9/15: Pen and Winestopper by Marie Miklic

12/9/15: Snowman, Tree and Winestopper by Marie Miklic

12/9/15: Ornaments by Kevin Barb

12/9/15: Cherry Tops by Bob Bernadi

12/9/15: American Eagle Pen by Pat Cummings

12/9/15: Celtic Pens by Pat Cummings

12/9/15: Ebony Pen by Dave Nilson

12/9/15: Hollow Hickory Ornament with Woodburning by Don Orr

12/9/15: Traditional Bob Rosand Style Hollow Spalted Maple Burl with Walnut Finial by Don Orr

12/9/15: Pen Cases by Don Orr

11/18/15: Christmas Tree with offset turning by Don Orr

11/18/15: Pens by Marie Miklic

11/18/15: Alcohol stained maple bowl by Rich D'Ambrosio

11/18/15: Resin and burl bottle stopper by Rich D'Ambrosio

11/18/15: Spalted Ambrosia Maple Bowl by Don Orr. Grooves carved by hand.

11/18/15: Spalted Ambrosia Maple Vase by Don Orr.

11/18/15: Green Christmas Tree Table Favors - by Don Orr. (He suggested white acrylic paint and a toothbrush to "spray" on snow.)

11/18/15: Apples by Don Orr (Maple).

11/18/15: Snowman ornaments by Mike Kross

11/18/15: Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Spalted Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Spalted Maple bowl by Lou Carusone

11/18/15: Corian and Ash Top by Kevin Barb

11/18/15: Cherry rolling pins by Bob Bernardi

11/18/15: Cherry Christmas Trees with Walnut Oil Finish by Bob Bernardi

11/18/15: Ornaments by Bob Bernardi

11/18/15: Ornament by Mike Kross

11/18/15: Snowman turning demo by Mike Kross

10/14/15 Olivewood bowl with resin inlay - Rich D'ambrosio

10/14/15 Resin and burl bottle stoppers by Rich D'ambrosio

10/14/15 Spalted Alder Burl bowl by Rich D'ambrosio

10/14/15 Olive Wood with inlay - in process by Rich D'ambrosio

10/14/15 Walnut bowl by Don Orr with Bush Oil rubbed in with 0000 steel wool

10/14/15 Maple Cup by Pat Cummings

10/14/15 Walnut bowl by Pat Cummings

10/14/15 Pens by Patrick Cummings

10/14/15 Resin pens by Pat Cummings

10/14/15 Inlay pen by Patrick Cummings

10/14/15 Pen inlay kits from kallenshaanwoods.com - Favored by Pat Cummings

10/14/15 Inlay pen demo - by Pat Cummings

9/9/15 Ebony and Resin/burl wine stoppers by Rich D'ambrosio

9/9/15 A "cannon vent hole blocker" by Dave Nielson

9/9/15 Small cherry vase with oregano flowers - Bob Bernardi

9/9/15 Sapelle Pistacho Bowls - Bob Bernardi

9/9/15 Unfinished Ash and Corian top by Kevin Barb

9/9/15 Spalted maple skew practice by Kevin Barb

9/9/15 Resin and burl blanks (poured last month) by Rich D'ambrosio

9/9/15 Bowl by Rich D'ambrosio

9/9/15 Ash goblet with captured rings and alcohol based dye by Rich D'ambrosio

8/12/15 - Rich D'ambrosio mixing resin, hardner and dye for vacuum and pressure cast acrylic molds

8/12/15 - Don Orr, Apple bowl in progress

8/12/15 - Patrick Cummings, AWESOME Orange Pens

6/10/15 - Bob Bernardi's marriage of flatwork and turning. Materials include Cherry, Sapelle with walnut oil finish

6/10/15 - Patrick Cummings, olive wood pen

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, Black Palm bowl

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, dyed zebra wood and spalted maple pens

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, Burl and acrylic pens

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, natural edged apple bowls

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, acrylic inlay to plate/bowl

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, burl and acrylic cast / mold and resulting wine stopper

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, burl and acrylic cast / mold and resulting wine stopper

6/10/15 - Lou Carusone, Walnut peper mills

6/10/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, Walnut(?) bowl/plate

6/10/15 - Dave Nielson, Clear Polyester (and dye) pen blank casting demo

5/13/15 - Lou Carusone, Curly maple stylus

5/13/15 - Lou Carusone, Walnut pepper mill

5/13/15 - Courtney Hynes, Blood wood, walnut, cherry and purple heart cutting board made by students. Butcher block oil finish.

5/13/15 - Dave Nielson, Homemade pen blanks

5/13/15 - Chris Stolicky, Curly Coa Pen

5/13/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, burl and resin casting blankd and bottle stopper

4/8/15 - Lou Carusone toy robot and American Girl doll bed made with his grandchildren

4/8/15 - Lou Carusone, pocket watches

4/8/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, mopane bowl, finished to 600 grit and butcher block oil

4/8/15 - Rich D'ambrosoi, Olive wood bowl

4/8/15 - Rich - was this yours???

4/8/15 - Don Orr, Brown Mallec burl bowl

4/8/15 - Bob Bernardi - tops

4/8/15 - Kevin Barb, end grain cutting board of Maple, Cherry and Walnut

4/8/15 - Mike Kross, off axis turning, mahogany

4/8/15 - Bob Bernardi, setting up for demo on spiral finishing

4/8/15 - Spiraling in progress

4/8/15 - Spiraling trials

4/8/15 - Does it look like there is much interest??? :-)

4/8/15 - Sprialing results of various artists

4/8/15 - Sprialing results of various artists

4/8/15 - Various tops and sprial examples by Bob Bernardi

3/29/15 - Congratulations to those entries in the NWA Showcase @ Saratoga. I'm sorry I did not capture everybody.

3/29/15 - Barbara Nottke, winner scroll sawing

3/29/15 - Rich D'ambrosio, second place scroll sawing

3/29/15 - Kevin Barb, long stem goblet

3/29/15 - Bob Bernardi, ornamental vessels

3/29/15 - Kevin Barb, ornament

3/29/15 - Kevin Barb, wine bottle with grapes

3/29/15 - Dave Nilson, demonstrating a Spring Pole Lathe

3/11/15 - Chris Stolicky: Curly Maple and Coa and Artisan Dye stylus's

3/11/15 - Dave Nilson: Pen with Wenge base

3/11/15 - Mike Kross: Box turned from scrapwood pile! Cherry with maple burl top. Eurethane finish.

3/11/15 - Mike Kross: Walnut burl (with bug infestation) candle holder. Shellac finish.

3/11/15 - Bob Bernardi: Cedar bowl. Beautiful, and very tighly spaced grain.

3/11/15 - Bob Bernardi: Butternut bowl.

3/11/15 - Students of Courtney Hynes: various pens, razor handles and wine stoppers. Very nice, and made by students!

3/11/15 - Courtney Hynes: Work in progress.

3/11/15 - Kevin Barb: Maple, Cherry and Purple Heart cutting board. (Yes, I know it's FLAT!! Boy, did I hear that when I walked in!) :-)

2/11/15 - Bob Bernardi Pear and Apple vessels with raised spirals

2/11/15 - Don Orr Walnut hollow vessel

2/11/15 - Homemade disk sander by Bob Bernardi

2/11/15 - Chisels ready for the demo!

2/11/15 - More tools...

2/11/15 - Dave Nilson setting up

2/11/15 - Note the homemade block on the tool rest

2/11/15 - Sharpening a spindle roughing gouge... Safety tip: make sure that edge is far enough above the center of the wheel!

1/14/15 - Wine Bottle by Kevin Barb

1/14/15 - Turning with Diamonds Ornament by Kevin Barb

1/14/15 - Small wine bottle with goblet ornament by Kevin Barb

1/14/15 - Walnut Chip Bowl by Kevin Barb

1/14/15 - Turning with Diamond Ornament by Marie Miklic

1/14/15 - Experiment in forms in soft maple and apple by Bob Bernardi

1/14/15 - Sycamore Rolling Pin by Bob Bernardi

1/14/15 - Shawl Pins (European Buckthorn) by Bob Bernardi

1/14/15 - Needle Case in curly maple by Bob Bernardi

1/14/15 - Darts by Patrick Cummings (No finish - all sanded with micro-mesh)

1/14/15 - Example of Skew Work by Linda Ovitt

1/14/15 - An alternate take on diamond turing by Dave Nilson

1/14/15 - Celtic Pen, Diamond Ply and other .30-06 pens by Dave Nilson

1/14/15 - Black Locust Bowl by Don Orr

1/14/15 - Mountain Laurel Spoons by Don Or

1/14/15 - A series of ornaments by Don Orr

1/14/15 - Spalted Mulberry Bowl by Don Orr

1/14/15 - A study in oak bowl forms by Don Orr

1/14/15 - Cocobolo Threaded Lid Box by Don Orr

1/14/15 - Multi-axis piece by Don Orr

1/14/15 - Ornament by Mike Kross

1/14/15 - Finial Box by Mike Kross