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Photo Gallery - 2018

I've broken up the Instant Gallery photos into different pages for each year for easier searching and faster page loading. 

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4/11/18 - Live Edge Bowl by Lou Carusone

4/11/18 - Bowl by Don Orr

4/11/18 - Natural Edge Bowl by Don Orr

4/11/18 - "Curvy Piece" by Don Orr

4/11/18 - Tool Handle by Don Orr

4/11/18 - Ruth Niles Bottle Opener by Chris Stolicky

4/11/18 - Segmented bowl by Mike Kross

4/11/18 - Segmented Bowl in process by Mike Kross

4/11/18 - "Log Cabin" Quilt Pattern Segmented bowl in process by Lou Carusone with purple heart, walnut, box elder, maple and cherry

4/11/18 - Samples of Suminagashi by Rich Dambrosio

4/11/18 - Suminagashi Demonstration by Rich Dambrosio


3/14/18 - First Segement Bowl by Joel Edwards, walnut, maple and oak with spray shellac

3/14/18 - Four bottle stoppers / openers by Joel Edwards

3/14/18 - Russian Olive Bowl by Bob Bernardi

3/14/18 - Pear bowl by Bob Bernardi

3/14/18 - Cherry and Maple "Spurtles" to turn Oatmeal by Bob Bernardi

3/14/18 - Example of some of the connection methods used on table legs by Don Orr.

3/14/18 - Hemlock Winged Bowl by Don Orr

3/14/18 - Example of Ring Shake by Don Orr

3/14/18 - Maple Vase by Don Orr

3/14/18 - Rennovated saw handle for 7-foot crosscut saw by Don Orr.

3/14/18 - "Super Spunky Bowl" with Resin by Rich Dambrosio

3/14/18 - Rich Dambrosio's version of segmented turning. :-) A Celtic Knot and Resin.

3/14/18 - Four Ash Pens by Harry Mickey

3/14/18 - Wooden Bike Handle Bar by Chris Stolicky

3/14/18 - Wooden Bike by Chris Stoliky

3/14/18 - Segmented Beads of Courage Bowl by Lou Carusone

3/14/18 - Novel bottle stoppers by Lou Carusone.

2/14/18 (Not too many pictures of this evening as I did not attend due to illness.)

2/14/18 - Walnut Bowl by Bob Bernardi

2/14/18 - Wood and Resin bowl by Rich Dambrosio

2/14/18 - Platter painted with Suminagashi by Rich Dambrosio


1/10/18 - Bob Bernardi - 4 Apple Burl Bowls with walnut oil finish.

1/10/18 - Harry Mickey: European Beech bowl. If I'm not mistaken, he said this was his first bowl. Very, very nice.

1/10/18 - Pens by Harry Mickey

1/10/18 - 3X tops by Kevin Barb

1/10/18 - Bottle Stopper by Rich D'ambrosio - resin and pine cone!

1/10/18 - Big Leaf Maple bowl by Rich D'ambrosio

1/10/18 - Bowl with Alumilite by Rich D'ambrosio

1/10/18 - A "Half-Resin" Bowl by Rich D'ambrosio

1/10/18 - Wow! Another resin bowl by Rich D'ambrosio. The title of this one is "A Murder of One" based on the song by The Counting Crows. Really nice work Rich - a common theme with your pieces!! Finish is WTF (Wood-Turners Finish)

1/10/18 - A segmented layer by Don Orr

1/10/18 - Two White Oak bowls by Don Orr. Note the holes from some Powder Post Beetles and also the out-of-roundness due to turning the wood in the green (wet) state.

1/10/18 - Apple Vessel / Box by Mike Kross

1/10/18 - Apple Burl vase by Lou Carusone

1/10/18 - Our fearless leader discussing the Segmented Bowl process.