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Photo Gallery - 2020

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Rich D'Ambrosio - Christmas ornaments made from curly maple and bloodwood. I made them with plenty of “help” from my 9 year old god daughter.

Rich D'Ambrosio - Cherry bowl that had some worm tracks in it. I filled them with 5 minute epoxy and green mica powder.

Lou Carusone - The pens are for our military pen project and are made of various woods that are left over from other projects.The ornaments are box wood. I used acrylic paints and a varnish for acrylics. Made the scarfs with the friendship bracelet kit.

Don Orr - Two bowls from before last meeting. The small one is Maple burl and the big one is a natural edge in Spruce. Both have been kicking around my shop for years so I finally did something with them. Neither has any finish yet.

Don Orr - A couple of ornaments that I have made so far. The larger hanging piece is a prototype and has several problems but it mostly worked as designed. The black walnut shells were tough to get glued in decently. Top and bottom of the upper section is Ash, and the bottom finial is Beech. The little Gnome is my version of some that I have seen online. I added the shoes which are a split turning. Hat is Black Locust, body is Red Oak. Ball on top is Maple, nose is Black Locust, shoes are painted Cherry. I'm working on another 1 but it's just a repeat of some I did a few years ago. Also included is a photo of the 1st batch of pens I dropped off @ Harry's.

Dan Crandell - The first is a spalted maple box with shine juice and a buff, next is a set of Snowman Christmas Ornaments that I am getting ready to send to my soon to be 1 year old grandson for his first Christmas and 1 each for his Mom & Dad; just walnut oil on all 3. Next is one of several tap handles that I am making for a local brewery and the first time that I turned an almost full sphere with a skew.

Harry Mickey - I only had time to do two simple Christmas ornaments. The light bulb was made from a wooden dowel and was supposed to be the prototype for a better one that I did not get time to do. The other ornament is cherry/maple/beech layers.

Harry Mickey - We did great for the first shipment to Woodcraft for the Turn for Troops pens program. A total of 36 pens so far are bagged, tagged, and sealed ready to go.

Mike Kross - Spiral Globe Christmas ornament I have been working on. This is prototype. Many trials and tribulations, but it made it to completion and I learned from it. Also some maple and cherry burl pens I turned for the troops.

Patrick Cummings - 8 pens for the troops.

Chris Stolicky - My ornament challenge is currently on the lathe as a cylinder of holly! I’m heading toward a snowman, but we will see what’s left when I’m done... Since this years ornament is not yet completed, here is a pic from last year. It’s my limited practice with finials.

Chris Stolikey - Five pens I completed with my girls.

Jon Moore - A bouquet for my wife

Jon Moore - 8 pens for the troops - 7 cherry and one spalted maple

Jon Moore - Here are some ornaments I made. This is the first inside out one I have done. It's a little long. Also some snowmen and Christmas trees.

Jon Moore - A sapwood cherry bowl, spalted beech and walnut candle holders and an ambrosia maple yarn bowl.


Patrick Cummings - Candlesticks: The dark one is sapele and the other is maple and black walnut. Both have a shellac finish.

Patrick Cummings - Cherry Lidded Box with finial and General Finishes satin finish

Mike Kross - Pair of maple candlestics, finished with wipe-on poly

Mike Kross - Small commerative plate made from a cut off scrap that was too nice to waste. The wood is from a friend whose parents planted the tree when he was about 5 yrs old, so it had special meaning to him. Some pyrography work and it is finished with Howard's Butcher Block finish.

Mike Kross - Oak tea light candle holder

Rich D'Ambrosio - Black Palm candlestick

Rich D'Ambrosio - A desktop done with a complex resin pour over plywood

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Harry Mickey - Three candleholders: The first short/fat one is turned out of maple, the second tall blue one was turned out of a piece of Fir fence post (I forgot how poorly it turns, it tears easily) and dyed blue, the last one is made from cherry. I left it on the small faceplate so I could go back and fix a couple of tool marks that I missed that showed up when I waxed it.

Don Orr - Two bowls from an elm tree I took down in our yard. The tall candlestick is out of Black Locust and 14" tall and the little one is Maple that I did many years ago when we were still turning in the back room @ Showcase. I stumbled across it recently. None of these items have any finish on them yet.


Mike Kross: Captive ring baby rattle. I had tried captive rings early on in my turning experiences, but didn't like how they came out. More time, practice, wood knowledge, and experience does work, much happier with this. Added some pyrography to personalize it. First attempt at this and I like the results.

Don Orr: 3 Red Oak bowls and 1 Ash with a small Red Oak hollow vessel. None of them have any finish yet but they have been wet to raise the grain and re-sanded. The goblet is a collaboration of glass from Pam B. @ the ADK turners and my cherry stem.

Pat Cummings: Small Cherry Lidded Box with finial - General Finishes Satin Finish

Rich D'Ambrosio: hour glass out of figured maple. The Celtic knots where made from two separate resin pours. First I did the whole knot in black. Then I recut it a bit smaller and poured the green. The result was getting the black outline.


Mike Kross: Hollow form. The finial on the hollow form is a turned and carved twist. My first attempt using some new power carving bits I ordered.

Mike Kross: The open top form is a collaborative effort. This incomplete piece was found buried in Jan Panek's shop during clean out last year, apparently one of his unusual projects he started. He completed the turning and assembly of the two upper halves and the assembly of the two base halves and was probably in the process of fitting the base to the upper when it was set aside. I completed the base fitting to the best of my ability, though not near the master Jan was, but it came together. I opted for power carved stippling and some pyrography shading to embellish the piece. Completed the assembly and put a finish on it.

Mike Kross: Barrel piston box - a little line burning and some careful fitting work. When the top is placed on/in the housing it will slowly descend down on the air cushion. Something a bit different I saw on YouTube, so not my original idea, but wanted to give the challenge a try

Dan Crandell: A bunch of pics of his creations since covid started. Most of the projects are spalted maple bowls and a vase, some with live edges. The one shallow bowl with 2 live edges is hickory as is the little vase with the black Milliput knot replacement. One of the last pics is a spalted oak dish with my brand on the bottom. I included a birch twig pot that is dyed on the top and waiting for some acrylic highlights on the stem. The tulips are my favorite creation from spalted maple with one dipped in Sedona red dye

Lou Carusone: Experiments in pyrography... a platter in white birch

Lou Carusone: box elder to make a box with gingerbread people on it

Rich D'Ambrosio: Made some new handles for his kitchen knives. The knives are made by Zhen and I got them from woodcraft. The handles are resin and Australian burl.

Jon Moore: Cherry salad servers, spalted maple bowl, shallow maple bowl, spalted maple, ash bowl, and maple yarn bowl


No meeting this month.


Jon Moore: Bolt action pen turned for Army Ranger nephew

Jon Moore: Spalted Maple Bowl

Jon Moore: Cherry bowl

Jon Moore: Crochet tool handle?

Mike Kross: spoons in-process

Mike Kross:

Rich D'Ambrosio: 14” platter from cherry, resin and some crab apple branches


The theme for this month's meeting was "New York on Pause Week 12". This is a collection of work received via email. See you next month???

Jon Moore: Spalted bowl

Jon Moore: Spalted bowl

Jon Moore: Spalted bowl

Harry Mickey: Canary Wood Pen

Rich D'Ambrosio:

Rich D'Ambrosio:

Rich D'Ambrosio:

Rich D'Ambrosio:


The theme for this month's meeting was "New York on Pause Week 7". This is a collection of work received via email. See you next month???

5/13/20 - Mike Kross: Oak Tea Light Holder

5/13/20 - Mike Kross: Maple Lidded bowl with maple finial and mahogany lid, with a chip carved basswood insert. This is an original design by Mike.

5/13/20 - Mike Kross: Down draft sanding table. It is set up to use the main dust collector for my lathe. It seems to have really good air pull, and yes I calculated how many of those little holes were required to satisfy air flow to have an adequate level so as not to starve the collector!

5/13/20 - Harry Mickey: Stylus / twist pen

5/13/20 - Harry Mickey: Maple Wine stopper

5/13/20 - Dan Crandell: Cedar bowl

5/13/20 - Dan Crandell: Cedar vase with maple tulips

5/13/20 - Patrick Cummings: Pens

5/13/20 - Jon Moore: spalted bowls, a rolling pin and numerous wine bottle stoppers


The theme for this month's meeting was "New York on Pause Week 3". This is a collection of work received via email. See you next month???

4/8/20 - Spalted Maple Bowls by Jon Moore. Maple was his daughter's tree cut down two years ago. Nice spalted grain pattern with Tried True as a finish

4/8/20 - Courtney using her new chuck and her son Jameson helping out with the sanding. Great time to stay in and learn/teach a new hobby!

4/8/20 - Harry: Mahogany bowl

4/8/20 - Chris Stolicky - working in his shop on some flat pieces and his daughter lending a hand

4/8/20 - Mike Kross - 3 platters from Big Leaf Maple burl

4/8/20 - Mike Kross - Wood and resin bowl

4/8/20 - Mike Kross - The bunny head is a project I saw on a YouTube video, thought I would give it a try, it involved turning, burning , band sawing, and some carving.

4/8/20 - Don Orr: I found a small tool that I bought from Ruth Niles many years ago for making wooden beads. I dug out my box of tiny scraps of special wood that we all have, and spent 2 afternoons making beads and then strung them on a cord into a necklace. The beads include ebony, cocobolo, zebrawood, blood wood, yellow heart, buckthorn, and others.

4/8/20 - Don Orr: Letter opener and pens. The letter opener is Black Walnut. The pens from left to right are Bocote, Rosewood, Kingwood, Zebrawood, Green Acrylic, Spalted Maple, Lignum Vitae, and a custom blank with Saranac beer caps done for me by John Ryan. The bolt action pens are newer kits that I finally got around to doing.


3/11/20 - The theme for this month's Instant Gallery was Scroll Sawing.

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - Tools

3/11/20 - Chris Godfrey - Birch Bowl with Shine Juice (1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 shellac, 1/3 denatured alcohol)

3/11/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio - 5/4" Maple Platter with Resin, Waxed and Buffed

3/11/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio - Pen with resign

3/11/20 - Dan Crandell - Mushroom form, and experiment in thinness.

3/11/20 - Dan Crandell - Spalted bowl with shellac (outside) and Buffed Mahoney's Walnut Oil (inside)

3/11/20 - John Moore - Cherry Knitting / Yarn bowl

3/11/20 - John Moore - small cherry bowl

3/11/20 - John Moore - pens made from 163 year old wood (rescued from an old house)

3/11/20 - Cheryl Mickenfelder - hand painted artwork

3/11/20 - Cheryl Mickenfelder - Sea Urchin Christmas Ornament

3/11/20 - Cheryl Mickenfelder - hand painted artwork

3/11/20 - Don Orr - Maple bowl

3/11/20 - Don Orr - Auxiliary handle for cross-cut timber saw

3/11/20 - Don Orr - Tools - Ebony and Maple

3/11/20 - Don Orr - cookie cutter (a novel idea!)

3/11/20 - Chris Stolicky - "A bowl thing" ... with walnut oil.

3/11/20 - Mike Kross - Resin plate in progress

3/11/20 - Tom (?) - bed post with pumpkin

3/11/20 - Lou Carusone - Burl bowl "upside down" with pedestal. 2 coats of shellac with wipe on poly. Lou had some good advice for applying wipe on poly - USE A SLOW BUILD! Apply with nearly dry coats. DO NOT USE A BRUSH (it is wipe on poly.) Several echoed this does make a HUGE difference.

3/11/20 - Barbara Nottke gave a presentation on scroll-sawing. Here are some of her exhibits:

3/11/20 - Barbara Nottke: Lhasha Apso Puzzle

3/11/20 - sanding wheel

3/11/20 - note the TINY blades used

3/11/20 - Gecko puzzle

3/11/20 - Barbara Nottke - small puzzle

3/11/20 - Barbara Nottke - puzzle (very, very difficult!)


2/12/20 - The theme for this month's Instant Gallery was "homemade shop devices".

2/12/20 - Chris Godfrey - sharpening system

2/12/20 - Chris Godfrey - Birch (?) bowl, finished with salad bowl finish

2/12/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio - Curly Ambrosia Maple with 30 minute epoxy and copper pearlex in holes. 4 coats wipe on poly with buffing.

2/12/20 - Rich D'Amborsio - poplar platter with black laquer and dragon spray paint / stencil pattern.

2/12/20 - Dan Crandell - 2X walnut honney dippers

2/12/20 - Dam Crandell - hickory bowl with live edge

2/12/20 - Dan Crandell - Mushroom with 1 coat of shellac

2/12/20 - Kevin Barb - adjustable dust collector mechanism designed to hook up to shop vac

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky - shop mallets

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky - Chuck center point finder/maker

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky -

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky - tool rest

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky - homemade tools

2/12/20 - Chris Stolicky - Offset turning jig

2/12/20 - Mike Kross - Walnut bowl with Butcher's Block finish and beech spoon (with hand carved hollow)


1/18/20 - Bob Bernardi: 2X lilac and 1 maple ornament

1/18/20 - Bob Bernardi: "UFO" (Un-Finished Object) that has been floating around for year - cherry

1/18/20 - Bob Bernardi: Cherry Bowl

1/18/20 - Dan Crandell: Vase made with granddaughter who painted it with acrylic

1/18/20 - John Moore: Cherry bowl

1/18/20 - John Moore: Lidded box

1/18/20 - John Moore: Lidded box

1/18/20 - Dan Crandell: Chestnut bowl with Mahoney's walnut oil finish

1/18/20 - Dan Crandell: Maple bowl with Mahoney's walnut oil finish

1/18/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio: wooden angel from scrap wood

1/18/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio: Maple bowl with epoxy filled cracks, finished with EEE, sanding wax and carnauba

1/18/20 - Rich D'Ambrosio: epoxy and burl platter

1/18/20 - Don Orr: 3X Muddlers

1/18/20 - Don Orr: Cherry bowl

1/18/20 - Don Orr: 3X hollow vessels / a study in classic forms / spalted maple / finish spray lacquer

1/18/20 - Don Orr: Urn box for a friend

1/18/20 - Chris Stolicky: buffing wheel

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: tool handle

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: Ornament / bell from curly maple.

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: ornament - purple heart, black dyed maple and maple with plastic finial

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: hollow ornament

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: bowl with gloss poly

1/18/20 - Lou Carusone: 4X burl bowls

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: "story stick" with multiple finishes and buffing

1/18/20 - Mike Kross: demon on buffing showing buffing wheels and buffing lid of a bowl