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Photo Gallery - 2021

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Don Orr: Made these for a friend who asked for some. Hard Maple with a single coat of mineral oil. 18-21" long.

Mike Kross

Don Orr: Here are a few more recent pieces. Smalls-Black Locust, Oak, Ashley, Canadian Spruce. Spalted Maple Spalted Beech (sold) Maple Ash Nested Mulberry

Mike Kross:

Rich Dambrosio: . The dragon and sloth involved with vinyl stencils and a sand blaster. My god daughter did the coloring on them. The other bowl was a piece of box elder that had some heavy rot in part of it. I stabilized it with ca glue and then filled in the missing part with black and turquoise milliput.


Patrick Cummings - Three sea urchin ornaments with gold, silver and copper leaf wrap. The copper has blood wood finials with holly accents. The other two are maple and cherry.

Mike Kross - Maple Ornaments


Jon Moore - Spalted Beech Bowl

Jon Moore - Ash Bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry Mortar and Pestle

Jon Moore - Cherry charcuterie board


Jon Moore - Snowman and light bulb ornaments

Jon Moore - Ambrosia maple bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry and ash rolling pins

Jon Moore - Ambrosia maple branch crotch platter

Jon Moore - Spalted beech candle holder


Jon Moore - Locust branch crotch bowl. I left a little of the saw marks on the rim.

Jon Moore - Cherry Honey Dipper

Jon Moore - Ash Bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry Live Edge Bowl

Jon Moore - Beech Candle Holders

Jon Moore - Ambrosia maple bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry Branch Candle Holder

Jon Moore - Spalted beech bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry rolling pins

Rich D'Ambrosio - Computer cart with an epoxy table pour over an mdf top. The frame is maple.

Pat Cummings - the next 7 pictures depict some Christmas ornaments. The first 3 show the basic steps to hollow out the form and then match the plug so as to hide the seam. The first ornament is a maple hollow-form, the second is some more of our local unnamed desert wood, and the bottom is sea urchin. The final finish is shellac.

Dan Crandell - Offset turned weathered cherry vase

Dan Crandell - Oak cabinets for my home office, took a lot of my time

Don Orr - 8" Maple Bowl

Don Orr - Large and small maple bowls. The small is a core from large.

Don Orr - Cherry Spoons

Don Orr - small end grain bowl-black locust

Don Orr - Tongs

Don Orr - Rattle

Don Orr - Whistles

Don Orr - 8" Maple Bowl


No Meeting in August.


No Meeting in July.


Rich D'Ambrosio - For this month’s challenge I’m submitting something I made a few years ago. It’s black ash burl with turquoise filling the cracks.

Rich D'Ambrosio - I also made some better calla lilies. I’ve also been working on a new cutting board design. It’s not finished yet but please give me feed back and critique for me to use in a second version.

Pat Cummings - Pear hollow form

Pat Cummings - Burl from the desert no idea of the species

Pat Cummings - Final from koa with maple icicle


Rich D'Ambrosio -

Don Orr - Here are 3 bowls in Black Locust from a house not too far from me that had a tree come down in a storm last September. All are about 8-9" diameter.

Don Orr - Maple bowl from a friends yard when the power company contractors took down a big tree in front of his house. And some items donated to the Landis Arboretum for their Plant Sale this weekend made from the Great Oak that finally came down during Hurricane Irene. I don't have much of it left as it cracked and checked badly so all I can get out of it are small things.


Jon Moore - 22" rolling pin

Jon Moore - Spalted beech bowl, 8-3/4"× 3-1/2"

Jon Moore - Florida oak branch cross and walnut branch cross, and cherry seed starter pot maker

Jon Moore - Circuit board pens on Gatsby kit

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Rich D'Ambrosio -

Chris Stolicky - Photo Booth


Jon Moore - Lidded boxes and a top from baseball bat cut-offs. I think ash.

Jon Moore - 9" Cherry bowl

Jon Moore - Beech Branch Candle Holder

Jon Moore - Cherry Candy Dish

Jon Moore - Cherry Branch Candle Holder

Jon Moore - Small Spalted Beech Bowl

Jon Moore - Cherry Bowl

Jon Moore - Pens

Jon Moore - Cherry mallet, or it coild be a fish thumper

Rich D'Ambrosio - Here’s a bowl that I made recently. It’s cherry and the inlay I did with a rotary carver and 5 minute epoxy. The pigment is green alumidust. It’s almost the same as pearlex.


Jon Moore - Seed starter pot makers:

Jon Moore - Spalted maple chicken pounder and walnut meat tenderizer:

Jon Moore - Spalted beech bowl, 6-1/2"×3:

Jon Moore - Made a candle holder from a door frame of my daughter 168 year old house.

Jon Moore - Seam Ripper

Don Orr - This necklace has 55 individually turned beads of various woods. I did this in the beginning of the lockdown and just made a display stand for it. This is another piece I was going to enter in the Thacher Nature Center Art Show that got cancelled. T

Don Orr - This is something I have had in my head for a long time in 1 form or another. This was supposed to go to Totally Turning last year but we know what happened there, so I set the pieces aside. I only finished gluing it together a couple weeks ago to go in the Art Show as well, but not this year. Black Walnut and Ash.

Don Orr - The pens are for the Troops program-left to right are, African Rosewood?, Jatoba, Pacific Yew, Macasar Ebony, Black Walnut, Bocote, Apple, Wenge-1st time ever using it for anything, Yellowheart, Tulip Wood (Dalbergia sp.)

Don Orr - This is a slow rotation motor (6.5 rpm) that I have had for years and finally built a stand for so I could apply a polyurethane finish and have it rotate slowly to reduce runs and drips. I had to make an adapter to get the attachment point out beyond the motor. I had tried to apply the wipe-on poly like Mike K taught me but was not having my usual success, so I cobbled this together. Still not have the success I am looking for but making progress. This is 1 of the pieces I was going to enter in the Thacher Park Nature Center art show this year but it got cancelled.

Rich D'ambrosio -

Rich D'ambrosio -

Rich D'ambrosio - An hourglass from black palm.

Rich D'ambrosio - I also made another bowl from buckeye burl and resin. I stabilized the buckeye burl this time. It helped to balance the bowl out so it didn’t shake on the lathe as much.

Rich D'ambrosio - For a quick scroll saw puzzle I made this dragon puzzle for a friend’s child. I decorated it with a suminagashi dip.

Chris Stolicky - I have made a few pens lately! Figured/curly maple, pink and purple “Aquapearl/Aquabright” acrylics, Teal Pearl Kirinite, Seafoam Alumilite, Black Acrylic Acetate, and the 200+ year old walnut from Union College.


Don Orr - The lamps may be familiar to a few of you, specifically Mike K, Lou C, Chris S, and maybe Patrick C, and possibly a few others. I don't remember who went out to Little Falls to visit Ideal Wood Products and see their CNC lathe in action and have some things made for us. That years project was a table lamp. Here is a link to a video I took of the machine turning the lamp body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AUcuU62Ljs

I came across the Mahogany one recently and decided to finally finish it up. I originally thought the machine did a pretty decent job but upon further inspection found that not to be so. It took quite a bit of work to get it cleaned up. Drilling the body for the wire was fairly easy. I went from each end and met in the middle. I also had a few other turned bodies and a base, fortunately including a matching set in Walnut. The body was already drilled as was the side of the base. Chris should remember doing a bunch of drilling while there.

The ornament is for my wife as the icicle is made from a piece of vintage plastic that came from her father. It's called Catalin and was developed in the 1920's and manufactured up until the 1050's. It was the step in the evolution of modern plastics after Bakelite. I have made a few of these and the icicle took about 3 hours to turn as it is very brittle and difficult to turn cleanly.

Rich D'Ambrosio - Numchuck Christmas presents in blue, green, pink and purple. Hardware from e-bay.

Rich D'Ambrosio - Square platter with Phoenix shown with and without backlighting. Used the suminigashi dying techniqe after finishing which stuck to the wood and not the resin. The OCGW members present felt the overall effect and impression of smoke was fantastic. Nice job Rich!

Rich D'Ambrosio - yarn bowl

Patrick Cummings - Candle holder from scrap (sapelle?)

Patrick Cummings - Ornament with bell shaped top - a challenge to do!

Patrick Cummings - Hollow form with a better finial

Patrick Cummings - Black walnut and maple ornament

Patrick Cummings - Christmas tree ornament

Patrick Cummings - Long stem bell

Lou Carusone - 20 pens for the troops

Mike Kross - maple spoon, turned handle and power / hand carved spoon

Mike Kross - Umbrella ornament, maple and beech

Mike Kross - Hand carved star, basswood.

Mike Kross - Glue up ornament, maple and purple heart